Cost of Goods Manufactured (COGM)

This video explains the concept of Cost of Goods Manufactured (COGM). The video also provides an example Schedule of Cost of Goods Manufactured to show how to compute COGM.

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27 thoughts on “Cost of Goods Manufactured (COGM)”

  1. Literally about to fail Accounting II, after my first professor retired. I finished with over 100% in his class. This was very helpful! Tysm! 😭😭

  2. This helped clarify such a confusing concept for me! I feel so much more prepared for my exam. Thank you for everything you do!

  3. what is the name of the programme that you using in this vedios sir I wanna make YouTube channel and start my own teaching content but I dunno any programme to start with

  4. How can I calculate this problem?

    Inventories January 1, 20X6 December 31, 20X7

    Direct materials € 30,000 € 20,000

    Work in progress 30,000 25,000

    Finished goods 28,000 35,000

    Additional information for 20X6:

    Direct materials purchased € 110,000

    Direct manufacturing labour payroll 90,000

    Direct manufacturing labour rate per hour 10

    Factory overhead rate per direct manufacturing labour-hour 7

    For 20X6, what was the cost of goods manufactured?

    1) € 35,000

    2) €268,000

    3) €273,000

    4) €278,000

  5. I do not have the ending work in process figure, just the beginning work in process and finished goods. How would i calculate the ending work in process in order to calculate the cost of goods manufactured? Thank you, great video and explanation.

  6. Love the vid. But how do you calculate Beg. Raw Materials inventory if it's not given to you. Thanks in advance.

  7. 9 hours of explanations in class were incapable of doing what you did in just over six minutes. Thank You So Much!


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