Behind the Scenes with Narrator of "Ender's game Alive" | Audible

Go behind the scenes with the actors of Enders Game Alive, Orson Scott Card’s groundbreaking new audioplay.

One of the most ambitious audio productions ever, Ender’s Game Alive is a sweeping, full cast dramatization that features 40 actors reading more than 100 roles, complete with sound effects and an original musical score.

Orson Scott Card personally wrote the script and says, “I think it’s the best version of Ender’s Game that’s been created yet. I really want to go back and rewrite Ender’s Game to make it fit this book, because cooler stuff happens.”

Learn more about Ender’s Game Alive: The Full Cast Audioplay at –

Ender’s Game Alive was produced by Audible Studios and Skyboat Media; Directed by Gabrielle de Cuir.

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3 thoughts on “Behind the Scenes with Narrator of "Ender's game Alive" | Audible”

  1. Brandon, depends how well this one does. It's got a pretty hefty price tag, as you can imagine! But so far it's flying high. So, fingers crossed! We'd love to do another one in this series, or even tackle a few other juicy series.

  2. Are there any plans to do the other stories? Maybe Ender's Shadow? I've really been enjoying the audio drama so far 🙂


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