Asemblance – Mind Bending Horror Puzzle Game, Full Playthrough, All Endings


Asemblance is a puzzle game with some spooky themes and a very bizarre story. The answers are in the game, you just have to find them. I’m real dumb tho, so I used a few video guides to figure out the endings.

White Shift(ImTheBlueRanger):
Final Ending(Jimsplosions):
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17 thoughts on “Asemblance – Mind Bending Horror Puzzle Game, Full Playthrough, All Endings”

  1. Very interesting game and it certainly has some neat ideas. I'm not sure how someone is suppose to figure out the White Ending without looking it up as that seemed really arbitrary but kudos to the development team for putting in some secret endings.

  2. At like 54:14, when you walked out of the backroom it was a shadow that looked like a person it scared me 😂

  3. I honestly really enjoy MrKravin, and he could play the worst garbage game on the planet and I would absolutely watch. With that being said, this game looks phenomenal and interesting but the voice acting – specifically the disembodied voice of the AI or whatever KILLS ME.
    I don't even understand why? I want to be supportive of the voice talent, they did a very good job! There's just something SO ANNOYING ABOUT IT THAT I CAN'T EVEN EXPLAIN.
    There's absolutely no rational reason, but listening to that VA's voice gives me the same reaction as listening to something loudly squish food in their mouth.
    It's not a great reaction.

  4. For whatever reason I didn't get a notice for this video even though I normally get them for your stuff! Wtf YouTube?! o_O

  5. Nice to see you doing great, i used to watch you a year ago and when i lost my phone i lost my account that was subbed to you. You probably had like 30,000 subs but man luckliy i found you again


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