ASEMBLANCE – Full Game Walkthrough [4K Gameplay] ◄ What Really Happened?! ► Ending [Part 1]

Asemblance full game walkthrough in 4K resolution with ending! This is one of, what I’m sure are many endings so if you want more Asemblance please let me know with likes or in the comments. I would love to get more endings for this. ASEMBLANCE turned out to be a beautiful, layered experience. I really want to know what happened.

I’m assuming this is the bad ending and I desperately want to see what the good ending, if there is one, is like. ASEMBLANCE is for PS4 & PC. Enjoy the gameplay and confused commentary.

You wake to find yourself trapped inside an experimental machine… A machine built to simulate memories. You no longer recall why you entered, but an AI voice guides you. Trying to escape, you face memories from a past you may not want to remember.
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3D character models supplied by Long Winter Studios – Animated by Me
(Owl Sound)
Beating Wings by Justkiddink


“It’s a Trap!!! 2”
Jack Elphick

Music used with permission from Epidemic Sound.


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42 thoughts on “ASEMBLANCE – Full Game Walkthrough [4K Gameplay] ◄ What Really Happened?! ► Ending [Part 1]”

  1. 4 minutes in and I'm not seeing any game yet.
    10 minutes in, still no game.
    I guess it's one of those "experiences" things. Less imaginative The Stanley Parable type thing.

  2. THIS IS NOT FULL ENDING GUYS!! There is one complete good game ending I know Iam gonna upload video you can watch on my channel!!!

  3. Hey man i'm doing this game on my channel! Lol well i'm part of a group called the PROJECT'S and we help other channels get more veiws. Do you think you can give us a little shoutout so we can help other channels?

  4. is this another of those games with no enemies and you just go about reading notes and listening to audio's while solving a few puzzles?

  5. I have to say, I just stumbled across your videos looking for Assemblance gameplay. Hat's off to the video editing/commentating. Keep it up man. Subbed

  6. I'm late but this is the first video ive ever seen of your channel, and I expected you to have a lotttt more subscribers haha.

  7. Gonna sit down with a bowl of soup and watch this get back to you in abit. How did you find this gem? Looks really neat, my kinda shit!

    The reaction when you zoomed in on the butterfly! XD
    The music in this game is REALLY good…woah..I wasn't expecting this!
    Video was so gripping!

  9. 0:56 Huh?!?! Noise. BAD NOISE
    9:57 TWSS
    19:02 The game played you right there. Made you feel a particular way then called you out on it. Very clever

    Nice Fail

  10. You're going to have a lot more views than you do right now soon. When that happens, please don't change. You're a really grounded YouTuber and it's a blast watching you play because of that.

  11. Feel so happy I can sit down and take the proper time for this again. Amazing gameplay, although my connection really struggles with 4K. 1080p60 still looks dropdead gorgeous. Or, in your own words; HOLY PISS!
    You already did one more on this game, which I'll check out soon enough. Boy better make that WhiteShift ending everyone's talking about though.

  12. Oh this is a really interesting idea for a game, I'm still utterly confused so play more so we get more answers! Lol what do! 🙂

  13. I thought this would be a much simpler game then what it is since my walkthrough only took like, 20 min! It's reminding me of the Stanley Parable so much though, I must take a deeper look!

  14. Dude, it's not over yet. You just need to hit continue! You stopped like mid way through! Once you get back in go back to the house and then the woods again.

  15. "Well she's clearly in the closet — don't know why," maybe because she's scared; maybe because she's looking for Aslan in Narnia 😛

  16. Great video man, you definitely need to go through this again and get another ending. This game is really cool, if not a bit confusing. Keep up the spectacular work.

  17. Been playing this game for about 4 hours now… it is crazy… and it doesn't end with the corrupted memory… Like if you continue (after pressing E) then you can get the butterfly (like the torch) to come out of the simulation, have the whole game in green, run through the door at the back of the bedroom, the butterfly corrupted memory with different voice over. Now all that being said, I think the point is to keep going "deeper" until you find out about the tragedy that started this all (then have the power to change it i assume) and to do that it probably has something to do with the "glitch screens" near certain things like the bedroom door and the facility blueprints. All this being said I hope to see more gameplay of this game and hopefully the final ending. Oh and last note, always listen to the recorder in the office…

  18. Holy balls that forest was beautiful!
    This game kind of reminds me of the stanely parable games but a serious take.
    Damn man this is so creepy and good at the same time! Lol.
    You are her! You're the girl damn it lol.
    Ooooo file corrupt 🙂 This should be good…nevermind XD
    I want part 2! What happened!?
    Greatness sir!

  19. Tha Ending..Wow
    "The choice you made is a predictable one"
    Well, screw you game, sound a bit more condescending. hahaha

  20. When I heard the tape player, memories of Sylvio crept in. lol
    Really enjoyed this playthrough man, definitely something I would play.
    Oh, and I watched this right when it went live, so I could only watch in 360p….but that was totally fine with me. xD

  21. awesome video! just purchased this last night. fantastic game. wonder how many endings there are I only found 2 and have 3 hidden trophies left till I get 100%.


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