Anxiety: What You Should Know [Especially During Coronavirus Outbreak]

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There’s a lot of anxiety surrounding the coronavirus outbreak. Here’s advice from a psychologist on what you should know right now. A a legitimate, thorough understanding of anxiety is crucial right now in maintaining your mental health.

This video alls sheds light on when to know if anxiety becomes clinical, and how to cope with it.

Anxiety during the coronavirus outbreak is extremely widespread. Psychologist Dr. Ramani Durvasula is a leading expert on anxiety and the psychology of how it affects day to day life, especially during times of crisis.

The panic can be hard to deal with. In this interview discussion, Dr. Ramani and MedCircle host Kyle Kittleson discuss what to do when this panic around such a widespread disease becomes clinical anxiety.

– Coronavirus fear / coronavirus stress vs clinical anxiety
– What an anxiety disorder looks like
– The average age of onset of clinical anxiety
– What co-occurring disorders you or someone you love may be experiencing during the coronavirus outbreak
– How many different types of anxiety there are (so you can spot the signs of what you may be experiencing during the coronavirus outbreak
– What agoraphobia, panic disorders, generalized anxiety disorder, and social anxiety all look like

Fear around the coronavirus spread, coronavirus symptoms, and other COVID 19 effects is real. Seek more mental health help at

More information from the CDC on the corona virus:
World Health Organization (WHO):


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23 thoughts on “Anxiety: What You Should Know [Especially During Coronavirus Outbreak]”

  1. What tips and resources are you using to cope with anxiety during this time? Let us know in the comments below.
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  2. My anxiety has definitely gone up in this time. Probably from the increased loneliness. Thank you for the guidance and has helped me research for the video I just did on this topic. Really appreciate more people talking about the social impact of this time! x

  3. I have social anxiety and have been out of work and isolating for over two months. I have been called back to work Monday and my anxiety is through the roof.

  4. i feel tightness in my throat but when i eat food it disappear or when i sleep it disappear what is this so irritable

  5. My anxiety started when I was chillin and idk out of nowhere it hit me idk what the cause was until like a couple of weeks later I was playing a scary video game and I got the anxiety feeling I told my mom about the first one but idk why I feel hesitant to tell her about this one

  6. I’ve been having crazy ass anxiety since this pandemic started. I’ve never experienced anxiety like this before. 😭 it’s still so new to me and I have no idea how to deal with it. Pls any tips are welcome!

  7. Hey, im really scared that my neurons are damaged, can anxietycause long term damaged neurons? Or they can recover?

  8. Coronavirus Anxiety: Coping with Stress, Fear, and Worry – Fears about COVID-19 can incur significant damage, particularly in case you're as of now living with a nervousness issue. Be that as it may, you're not frail. These tips can assist you with traversing this distressing time.

  9. I used to just be nervous over little things like tests and stuff but ever since corona my anxiety been up the roof like I had a panic attack twice and went to the doctor like 3 times and told me there’s nothing wrong with me and it gets worse at night when I have trouble sleeping

  10. i've had nausea in my throat for the last year, everyday. I've done all the test from an endoscopy, multiple blood test and everything seems right. What could this be?

  11. My family was stuck in China during the peak of the epidemic there and the pervasive fear/anxiety was taking a toll on my children. When my daughter told me she didn't want to wear her mask outside anymore I knew I had to somehow offset all that social negativity with something calming and reassuring. To offer my kids a different perspective on the experience of being quarantined. So, I stayed up all night and made a cute storybook detailing the life of a face mask, narrated by a mask. My daughter loved it (don't kids know how too boost a parent's confidence :-b) and so did all the families I shared it with in China. I posted it as a video on YouTube today in hopes that it will bring a smile or some joy into someones home. 

    The video is posted here: 
    Best wishes *

  12. I'm 58 and had my first anxiety attack this week, I thought I was dying, even ended up in A&E, all tested out fine, apparently I am as fit as fiddle which left me a little embarrassed that I wasted their time. Anyone that as these often as my sympathy, hopefully now I know how to recognize it I will be able to avoid them or at least control them in the future. I must stop reading about and listening to all the COVID-19 news, if I feel one coming on again I will exercise until it passes.


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