AnimEVO 2018 Akatsuki Blitzkampf Top 8

Full Results / Bracket:

0:00 Turbovec (Anonym) vs DQRF (Kanae/Akatsuki)
12:20 LegendaryBlueShirt (Kanae) vs Rorio (Fritz/Sai)
20:19 lark (E-Soldat) vs Fabulous Laura (Fritz)
27:05 Nostalgic (Adler) vs KP (Akatsuki)
41:23 Turbovec (Anonym) vs Nostalgic (Adler)
49:38 Slash Gordon (Fritz) vs Argenrost (Blitztank)
57:31 LegendaryBlueShirt (Kanae) vs Turbovec (Anonym)
1:07:38 lark (E-Soldat) vs VicViper (Akatsuki)
1:16:22 lark (Wei) vs Argenrost (Blitztank)
1:31:22 Slash Gordon (Fritz) vs Rorio (Sai)
1:46:29 Turbovec (Anonym) vs Argenrost (Blitztank)
1:55:13 Slash Gordon (Fritz) vs Argenrost (Blitztank)
2:06:35 Slash Gordon (Fritz) vs Rorio (Sai)

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25 thoughts on “AnimEVO 2018 Akatsuki Blitzkampf Top 8”

  1. I like this version of akatsuki's design. Under night akatsuki's design looks like he is a child with chicken leg (like cmon atleast give him leg some muscle! Most of his combo animation use legs)

  2. Why did lark switch to Wei when fighting Blitztank? What specific strat does Wei have that makes him a better pick vs Blitztank compared to E-Soldat?

  3. fighting games were so much better back than… darkstalkers 3, arcana heart 3 and this game all look better than every game i could play on my ps4

  4. If I could play this game, I’d play Sai. He looks like a ton of fucking fun, holy shit. Is he a charge character or not?

  5. I wish there was a way to play Auf Asche/EN-Eins online decently. I´ve messed around with them on emulators with Parsec but that´s as far as you can go

  6. Hey guys, since a lot of people are interested in this game now due to the BBTAG addition, the best place to get the game / netplay caster / find basic info is here:

  7. Damm no wonder I get triggered to Anonymn's design, because its similar to Double's disguised state and its Double's AI spams cheap moves such as Luger Replica to Bandwagon Rushdown which uses Parasoul's gun animation.

  8. Holy shit, I wish we had Akatsuki Blitzkampf down here at the Never Give Up tournaments. Thanks for the video!


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