All Akatsuki Ultimate Jutsus/New Team Ultimate Jutsus | NARUTO SHIPPUDEN: Ultimate Ninja STORM 4

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All New (DLC PACK 1) Team Combination Ultimate Jutsus | NARUTO SHIPPUDEN: Ultimate Ninja STORM 4:

All Akatsuki Members Ultimate Jutsu’s/Team Combination Ultimate Jutsus covered:

Akatsuki Pain Ultimate Jutsu: 0:14
Akatsuki Konan Ultimate Jutsu: 0:24
Akatsuki (Nagato) Pain x Konan Team Ultimate Jutsu: 0:34
Akatsuki Itachi Uchiha All Ultimate Jutsus: 0:56
Akatsuki Hidden Mist Swordsmen Kisame All Ultimate Jutsus: 1:32
Akatsuki Orochimaru Ultimate Jutsu: 1:54
Akatsuki Tobi Ultimate Jutsu: 2:04
Akatsuki Deidara Ultimate Jutsu: 2:16
Akatsuki Sasori Ultimate Jutsu: 2:25
Akatsuki Sasori x Deidara Team Ultimate Jutsu: 2:33
Akatsuki Hidan Ultimate Jutsu: 2:56
Akatsuki Kakuzu Ultimate Jutsu: 3:04
Akatsuki Hidan x Kakuzu Team Ultimate Jutsu: 3:16
All Akatsuki Members Team Ultimate Jutsu: 3:37

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26 thoughts on “All Akatsuki Ultimate Jutsus/New Team Ultimate Jutsus | NARUTO SHIPPUDEN: Ultimate Ninja STORM 4”

  1. So you started getting kicked by Itachi,
    and you get slashed by Kisame which not only would have cut you but also probably halved your chakra,
    then you get slashed by Hidan the hothead with a 3 bladed scythe,
    get punched by Kakuzu who easily destroyed a heavy gate,
    then you get a huge chunk out of you by Zetsu the man eater,
    then a simultaneous attack by Sasori's flames hot enough to almost melt rock,
    and an explosion by Deidara arguably equal to C4,
    then the resulting flame and explosion is concentrated by Orochimaru literally one of the legendary sannin,
    while trapped in that concentrated flames Itachi comes back and turned the flames to Amaterasu an inquenchable fire that doesnt go out until it burns whatever it needed to burn,
    then Kisame further tears your chakra with a much stronger cut,
    then Konan someone who Tobi had to use Izanagi to survive, made it rain paper spears,
    and to finish it off Pain uses Almighty Push something that wiped out roughly 80% of Konoha…
    I don't care if it isn't a 1-hit KO, that is overkill.

  2. Imagine if the Akatsuki actually did this combo to every junchuuriki they capture instead of by pairs, they would have dominated the entire Shinobi world in the first season!

  3. Disappointing that tobi didn't have a part in the akatsuki ultimate finish, he was the LEADER after all

  4. My favorite move of the akatsuki
    1: Sasori and Deidara
    2: Kakuzu and Hidan
    3: pain and Konan
    4: Itachi and Kisame


  6. All of these attacks feel like they need one random guy in the audience to call out,

    "I….I think you got 'im guys."


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