Alaska Pink Salmon Catch and Cook

Pink salmon, Alaska’s smallest and most abundant salmon, after fishing for humpies in a local river we head back to the cabin to cook them up and give you our honest opinion.

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40 thoughts on “Alaska Pink Salmon Catch and Cook”

  1. Not that you ask … but i worked on the Pipeline for two years (74/75) when i was in my twenties from Deadhorse to Fairbanks … Alaska underwhelmed me … mono forest sucks … 
    diversity is deeply satisfying … having said that … y'all are in fishing heaven. i love your channel and that you are following your dream and benefiting beings … may happiness follow you always!

  2. I just found ya'lls channel just now…and here you are cooking fresh salmon outdoors , on an open fire in a cast iron pan….is there any BETTER way to eat salmon?? Ya'll may have already done this but you may think about a smoke house.

  3. I've seen quite a few videos where you have a revolver on you…is that more for protection against animals, or are people a concern as well?

  4. Great video!! The fish have worms???? How do u know, can you see them?? or they all have em or just occasional? Thanks!

  5. I just ate pinks today. I used fresh green beans from the garden, mushrooms and pink salmon steamed together. Also brown rice. I eat it three or four times a week. 60 grams of protein in 2 filets. Excellent for weightlifters. Full of HDLs and good for the heart


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