ABSOLUTELY EPIC SQUASH GAME – Gaultier v Abouelghar – Free Game Friday

Check out this absolute marathon of a game between Gregory Gaultier and Mohamed Abouelghar from the 2018 Grasshopper Cup
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49 thoughts on “ABSOLUTELY EPIC SQUASH GAME – Gaultier v Abouelghar – Free Game Friday”

  1. I used to play Squash in the 80s and 90s. I avidly watched Geoff Hunt, Jahangir and Jansher play their epic matches. Once, I (as a starry-eyed teen) even played a single set against Chris Dittmar in his prime.

    Is it my imagination, or do these modern players not seem to TRY to chase the tough shots as much as the older guys used to? It seems they’re more willing to ‘concede and conserve’ rather than go all out and wear their opponents out through dogged determination.

    Or am I imagining this?

  2. I don't like how Gaultier throws the ball in the corner rather than passing it to his opponent. Also his celebrations and throwing his racket around make him look like an idiot.
    Aboulghar kept his composure and was definitely the better sportsman

  3. Fantastic game. It is also a perfect study in both subconscious and overt racism in sport. from commentators and tournament organisers.

  4. why do they touch the back wall after each ball? Just to get rid of sweat or there is a wierd rule about that?

  5. Gaultier is always polarising, he's a marmite player. But whether you hate him or love him, he'll get a reaction from everyone, a debate, sometimes an argument. His heist against Mo Shorbagy was even better/worse, but that's the point, we remember it, and this match too. I love players with better ethics, but the sport needs players like Gaultier.

  6. Great squash, terrible commentary – like school boys on the playground. Focus more on the squash and articulate for the benefit of the spectator. If you're not adding you're taking away. Screaming down the mic isn't helping either. I'd like to see pro squash commentary that can keep up with the players and explain what's going on. Too much to ask?

  7. You can tell Gaultier is truly passionate and loves playing squash. I get silly sometimes on court too out of joy. Squash gives me high lol.

  8. Abouelghar is a winner! and a better player, the other dude's attitude is clearly not on point xD and you can't deny Abouelghar pulled off some pretty sick moves too.

  9. At 4:29 it's fun to watch Gaultier, after Abouelghar has lobbed a ball out above the wall line, calmly swat it to the all from between his legs so it will slowly roll back to him in time for him to serve after he's taken a nice relaxed hand rub against the glass…


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