"A Real Psychological Battle" – Free Game Friday – Gawad v Rösner – British Open Squash

Watch the full 4th game of Simon Rösner and Karim Abdel Gawad’s tense, high quality quarter final at the 2019 Allam British Open
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28 thoughts on “"A Real Psychological Battle" – Free Game Friday – Gawad v Rösner – British Open Squash”

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  2. So tough for gawad, I hate hitting those volley drops into the top of the tin, always seems to happen on match point no less

  3. Two fair players but PJ (and Gawad) is right about 11:35: that's a no let. Rösner went the wrong way (the ball was clearly going to the back): it was his responsibility to scramble back, not just lean on Gawad and beg for a let.

  4. For those criticising the refs, have you tried marking a game? At our club last night several of us were watching a game between two of our better players and there was little agreement about several decisions. Bear in mind you are watching close up video too. That said, the pro refs should use the video ref a bit more, the prime example being the last point in this match. It would be good in fact to have a rule that the video ref is always used on a match point.

  5. How do you become a referee for these matches? Knowing the right people?

    Apparantly no knowledge about squash or the ability to read and understand the rulebook is required. I would resign just to stop embarasing myself and my country if I was put in such a position.

    For squashlovers this is just painful to watch.


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