8 Hours of Beautiful Piano Music: Sleep Music, Fall Asleep, Relaxing Music, Sleeping Music

Beautiful piano music (8 hours, tracklist below) that can be used as sleep music to help you fall asleep. This relaxing music is composed by me, Peder B. Helland. Stream or download music from Soothing Relaxation:
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00:00 – Always
06:40 – Our Journey
13:25 – Our Future
21:48 – Rose Petals
28:43 – Winter Breeze
35:44 – Together
41:49 – A Long Time Ago
48:35 – Bedtime Lullaby

The music then loops for 8 hours so you can leave it on for a long time without having to click replay. All the tracks are on the album “Bright Future” except for “Winter Breeze”. Here are the download/stream links for the album:

Google Play:
Soothing Relaxation:

Beautiful artwork by Tithi Luadthong: Animation by Peder B. Helland.

Sheet music:

I am a composer from Norway and I started this channel with a simple vision: to create a place that you can visit in when you want to relax. I compose music that can be labeled as for example sleep music, calm music, yoga music, study music, peaceful music, beautiful music and relaxing music. I love to compose music and I put a lot of work into it.

Thank you very much for listening and for leaving feedback. Have a wonderful day or evening!

~Peder B. Helland

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44 thoughts on “8 Hours of Beautiful Piano Music: Sleep Music, Fall Asleep, Relaxing Music, Sleeping Music”

  1. I like it !!!!!!!!!!!! Hong Kong we all love you too and AGT we love you too Love Hong Kong😘😘😘😘😀😃😄😁😆🐞🐞

  2. ขอบคุณมากครับ สำหรับเสียงดนตรีฟังก่อนนอนอันแสนไพเราะ 💓 ผมรักพี่ติ๊กมากนะ ฝันดีนะ 💝💕

  3. To whoever is reading this comment:

    Life is hard, life has obstacles. Ups and downs, twists and turns. But, everything will be alright. You will regain strength. You are an amazingly beautiful and talented person.

    You have full potential in life, and live it to the fullest. Now, what are you still doing up? Take a deep breath. Relax and close your eyes, and listen to this peaceful music.

    Goodnight, Sweet Dreams. ❤️💕

  4. My beautiful cat was sick for about 6 months and when she was not doing well one night my girlfriend put this on for her and she completely relaxed and was peaceful. I have put it on for her many times since then and it always made her become relaxed and peaceful. It gave her real comfort. I put it on for her one last as she died in my arms.

  5. يامعشر الكفار احب ريم المكاحيل وهي مو معطيتني وجه انا حزين هي ليش ماتحس فيني 😪😥

  6. The reason we all fight for attention and glory is we wish not to fade into our destiny– that we compared to the universe, are a blip on the radar and eventually will be forgotten by human memory

  7. everyone is good in this life even the mean people there still good and we miss our old ones 😇 we will miss them in our hearts ❤️

  8. I use this music for sleeping every night and already memorised the tune and I think I associated this music with sleeping as I am studying and listening to this music and feeling sleepy already.

  9. To the person who is reading this comment i don't know who you are or where you are but i wanna say that i love u i wish you a positive and sweet life i hope your dreams comes true soon🌺💜💜

  10. "Dreams are meant for everyone. Aim high and never give up. Life is full of struggles and pain…but…without this two…we won't be who we are right now. We need this struggles and pain to grow and learn. So take this struggles and pain as your stepping stones in achieving you dreams. Just trust in GOD and you'll be at your destination."

  11. We don't always make the right decision but we can make it right
    Just believe in you,u can do it beautiful soul.
    If u feel bothered about the things going on around u,just take a break but never stop.
    Everything happens for a reason
    Just stay strong. don't let ur heart bleed🥰

  12. This is world. There will be people who will try to bring you down but you have to be strong enough to battle the world. You should always remember that if your parents are not watching you doing something wrong, God is watching you. It is your responsibility to give your parents a healthy and good life. Don’t argue or fight with people. Work so hard that you can face them without any aggressive movements or words

  13. Its ur day dad… happy fathers day in heaven…. i wish i could hug u… i wish to see ur smile…. i miss u…. so much… im imagining we are together listening to this wonderful music…. i wish id say i luv u i wish u know i luv u…. how i miss u…. every minute my heart says im sorry…. i really miss u…. so much😔

  14. As waves wash up on the shore

    You lay lazily on the beach

    Gazing at the glorious clouds gliding past
    A curious cloud makes you Recall

    Recall a time roughly recognizable

    As you drift into a deep sleep

    Once upon a time, we were young
    Carefree and living our best life.

    Once upon a time, we went outside and played for hours.
    With nothing but rocks, sticks and mud

    Once upon a time, our dreams were big and limitless.
    We could be whatever we wanted to be.

    Once upon a time, we didn’t have to worry about drama.
    We all played together no matter what.

    Once upon a time, we didn’t we didn’t have to worry about our future

    Once upon a time, we were happy.

    You slowly drift awake
    Back to the real world
    To reality
    To the future.

    (I’m not very experienced in poetry so I’m sorry if it sucks and I waited your time.)

  15. hi, my life has been a disaster, everything i ever loved keeps falling apart, it feels like every day god finds another way to bring me down more.. i know i dont have the best personality, the best looks, but if im being honest.. i have the best friends i could ever ask for.. thank you god. i dont ask for much, i dont want a better life, i dont want more money, i dont want to stop being bullied.. i just want my friends.. i want them to be happy.. thank you.

    thank this song too, its been helping me sleep for a while, even through the hardest times in my life, i fall asleep to this song almost every night.


  16. I am so glad i came here. Been so depressed lately. Nothing is going right in my life. Not even my channel is gaining any subscribers nor my insta. Hope everything goes well. If you can, please do check out my small channel 💔💝

  17. So so sooooooooo relaxing it makes me think of dreams stars and all the beautiful things that make me happy any one else agree ✨

  18. Hello peder 🙋
    Im Dina listing your music from Egypt,
    Thanx for this great music, you have a very great tast,
    Thanx alot 🌹❤


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