[18+] FARCRY 3 – BOTH ENDINGS *Spoilers* *Nudity*

This video is showing both ways to end farcry 3 it has *spoilers and also nudity* you have been warned!

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36 thoughts on “[18+] FARCRY 3 – BOTH ENDINGS *Spoilers* *Nudity*”

  1. To explain, citra kills Jason afterwards because she sees Jason turning into Vaas. Both endings stop the cycle of insanity. The cycle being that a person comes to the island, gets consumed by the island, and ends up killing the crazy person, becoming the crazy person and then another person comes to the island and so on. So technically both these endings are good because they stop the cycle, and just like Vaas says, you can’t let something keep going the way they it is over and over again thinking that it will be different.

  2. Imagine this.
    Your in the future and this game was vr and because we are in the future, the new ver headsets make you feel what’s happening in the game.
    And my god it would feel strange


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