#1 Tip How to Become a Great Golf Iron Player | Mr. Short Game

How do you become the best iron player you can be? In this video I give you a great strategy on how you can start to hit better more solid iron shots when you’re playing golf. Most par 3 golf courses don’t really offer the specific thing you need to improve but with this tip you can address the specific areas in your golf game that need the most practice. Be sure to subscribe to the channel and check the links below for special deals and discounts.

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36 thoughts on “#1 Tip How to Become a Great Golf Iron Player | Mr. Short Game”

  1. I liked the idea of all 18 holes just using you irons. I make it more fun. I teed off from the forward tees (not the grandpa ones) in the tee box on all holes hitting my longest or next longest iron. It was one of my
    most enjoyable rounds. I did get some ribbing from my group but I'll bet they sneak of sometime and do it.

  2. Totally agree! I travel a lot, and I search out par 3s, time is a big factor, but I like the short game challenge. Great tip, I'm in! Gonna do big course par 3 tomorrow.

  3. I’m lucky enough to have a decent quality 9 hole par 3 course 4 miles from my house. It costs $150 for unlimited play for the year. I wear it out. If you don’t have one though just go out and do this on twilight rates. Play 9 holes and play 3 balls per hole.

  4. Not all par 3 courses are mismanaged or in poor condition. Around me there are 5 I know of that are not only in great condition, but very hard to play with OB or environmental areas a couple of steps from the green's fringes. One near me has holes from 75 yards to 240 (from the blues), which is a great test because it forces your short game into the mix. They have a couple holes where a lay up is the better choice off the blocks. Not many par 3 force a lay-up, but some do. Here in the San Diego area, we have quite a few par 3 courses. I thin even juckier courses have their use. You will learn to read lies a lot better… LOL

  5. you are absolutely right ! We call it monkey golf up in northern Canada. I take my putter, 6 and 9 iron. I have always shot under 40 with these 3 clubs for 9 holes. Never in trouble and always down the middle. Best way to perfect your iron play. But we play it from the tips. 3 six irons on a par 5 , you are on in three putting for bird. Good stuff lad ! Its an awakening.

  6. Great idea. My golf group often plays forward tees and irons only. Personally, I have noticed better ball striking since beginning the forward tees only game. It also makes you rethink your game. Great vids! Keep it up.

  7. “…do you want to get better…..or do you want the full experience?” 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 I (accidentally) learned this in college. I was broke and could only play this one par three course for about a year. I finally got to play an 18 hole “legit” course and made 6 birdies. I couldn’t believe it!

  8. My irons would go a mile high but no distance. After watching one of your videos on long irons, i"ve flattened out my swing and my first ball went 120 yds and about 30 balls. That was amazing for me but how do I hit a 5 iron 150 yds?

  9. I never thought of doing this. For me, Its always that shot onto the green and putting that kills my game, this is a good idea to strengthen that part of the game.

  10. Playing from the shortest tees is smart, I’m going to do that next time. I know how to hit my irons, but now I have ZEROO consistency in my driver swing. Like just swinging and hoping for the best honestly, when I actually make good contact it will go 300 right down the fairway, but that’s not often

  11. I like the concept of "iron day". But, I propose this approach:. Instead of forgetting about the first 150-200 yds by skipping the driver off the tee, maybe move back a set of tees and just hit irons. Dont even bring the driver and 3 wood to the course. Then, you will hit long irons off the tee and have long and short iron shots the rest of the way to the green. Leave the woods in your trunk, then go play.

  12. I like to play 2-ball best ball with myself. Really builds confidence and makes you realize your golf issue is really just consistency. I am a single digit hdcp and end up well below par every time I play this format, which proves to me I have all the shots needed to get to scratch, I just do not have the consistency needed. This is where practice comes in. I love this format to practice.

  13. Man I would love to play a round with you and have you critique me the entire round and give me directions at each shot.

  14. I took your advice to move up to the middle tees and it changed my whole game for the better. I’m hitting more greens in reg, my irons game has improved, more confidence in my approach shots. When my driver distance improves i may move back, in the interim I’m enjoying the game more and taken 5 to 10 strokes off my rounds and out of a funk I’ve been in for two years. Thanks!

  15. I definitely need to do this and mostly from 150 yards which is a distance I try to avoid and that's hard to do on the courses I play.

  16. Best instructional videos out of the dozen or so I subscribe to. Proof is in the pudding on my scorecard. Most of my struggles on the links goes on between my ears. You getting me to think outside the box , on top of swing fundamentals and technique have done wonders so far and are much appreciated..

  17. Maybe compromise and only hit irons off the tee and play to different distances to the greens. You might actually score better too, and you will get more iron shots.


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